About Commess University

About Commess University

We are an independent, full service, Publishing Company that focuses on the self-publishing writer. We take the angst out of publishing.

Have an idea for a story but can’t get started?

  • We help you along. We chat with you to get a handle on your idea and work with you to develop it.

Have a story written but no idea what to do next?

  • We can help with editing, formatting and preparation for printing. We help you with getting your ISBN and copyright. We also provide feedback on the overall project to help you determine how to continue.

Have a story all ready to go but no idea how or where to get it printed?

  • We use a professional printing house in the US to get your work done.

No idea what the cover should look like?

  • We have artists and graphic designers who will work with us to create the perfect cover. We also have a stock of high-resolution photographs that may be just the ticket for your cover.

We also assist with placement and promotion of your finished work and can help with advertising.


There’s more!


Commess University is a purveyor of rare and unusual books – mostly hardcover and printed in 1950 or prior. We operate on eBay and on Amazon.


Contact us for a list of our current titles. Info@CommessUniversity.com