The Savanoy Series

The Savanoy Series

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Definition: Commess n (comess, commesse) A situation of commotion, bacchanal, scandal Fr commerce, business.

You’ve reached the right place if you like to Read and Write and Read and Write some more. Oh and if you like to giggle, we’re about that too.
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The Books

The trilogy that catapulted us to the top of a great many reading lists, is called The Savanoy Series. Book 1 is titled “Across from Lapeyrouse” and has been called “a sizzling Caribbean novel, packed with Carnival, pan and nuff bacchanal. Never before has sand, soca and mas met in such a combustible mixture!” It’s a tale told with the unique storytelling style of the author Nathalie Taghaboni. You’re not just reading it, you’re living it! Book 2 is titled “Santimanitay.” Just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, something entirely unexpected takes place and...

The Ward

Bet you’re wondering what a ward has to do with anything. Well you see, what happened was … One day, many years ago, we decided to create a social media page on Facebook. It was intended to be a page of higher learning, scholarly discourse and intellectual exchange. Well that didn’t last long. It became a place for hilarious and brilliant repartee, “picong” in the time-honoured Caribbean style where like-minded folks gather for a belly laugh. It was crazy. At first we struggled to keep a serious face but gosh darnit, we love a good laugh and ta da! The Ward was born under the suspicious auspices of our very own Queen Macoomeh.

Media & Events

This is where you can learn of our past and upcoming events and get a peek at the photos of our “commess.”
I totally enjoyed this book. I completed it in 2 days. Reading this book brought back such wonderful memories of growing up in T'dad. AIthough I have been living in NY for the past 33 yrs I go home every year to play mas.
Memories of a born Trini!

Savanoy Series Book 3

Side By Side We Stand

In sweet Trinidad and Tobago, they say: you can't play mas, and fraid powder. The Savanoy family, veterans of the T&T Carnival stage, knows mas intimately, and the cost of it has never been higher. Crippled by a grief so immeasurable it sucks the joy and colour from waking life, Jeneva - heiress to the powerful masmaking clan - can barely find refuge in her husband Vijay and their three sons. Infused with sultry bacchanal, peppered by generous pot-spoon helpings of humour, draped in equal parts desire and deception, Side by Side we Stand is a heady wine of a book, confirming Taghaboni's perch as a mistress storyteller of our carnival, our people, and our uncompromisingly beautiful land.

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